Burning at Both Ends: Teku Studios Light Graphic Adventure Game ‘Candle’

Add “Candle,” a recently-Kickstarted¬†graphic adventure game, to your list of inventive point-and-click games developed by out-of-nowhere indie devs1.

“Candle” is hybrid platformed and point-and-click game from Spanish indies Teku Studios. Sporting a hand-drawn, hand-painted art style reminiscent of the cramped, detailed robotics in Amanita Design’s “Machinarium,” “Candle” is about using flickering firelight to solve puzzles and uncover whatever mysteries it’s hand-painted world is hiding.

For a clearer look at how “Candle” actually works, here’s a gameplay video, with commentary from the developers. (Blow that thing up to full screen to get a better look at the art.)

Embedded from www.youtube.com.