Child Of Light: Inspired By JRPGs, Has Above Average Number of Women Involved, Helmed By 'Far Cry 3' Director


Gamescom is almost here, but first, there's GDC Europe, which is always the lead up. Day one was yesterday, and one definite highlight was the talk given by Ubisoft Montreal’s Patrick Plourde.

Best known as the man who helmed "Far Cry 3," Plourde discussed what it's like to get a small project in a large studio, and referred to a game that's currently put together, called "Child of Light."

According to Plourde, the easiest games to get green-lit these days are free to play offerings for mobile devices (smart phones and tablets to be exact) that have a well-known IP attached. Which means Child of Light must have been especially difficult to get approved.

The game has been described as being a JRPG-eque, story driven affair, one starring a female who is no damsel in distress. It's also being assembled by a small team, only around 30 (which is small by Ubi standards), and a third of the team are women, which is the highest make to female to make ratio of any project at Ubisoft Montreal, Edge reports.

Ubisoft Montreal is mostly known for Assassin's Creed, and apparently many in the studio are sick and tired of that working on one installment after another, hence why there was plenty of support from within for Child of Light. Though Plourde had to sell it as the next big IP to the powers that be.

Oh, and having it run on preexisting tech (the same engine that drives Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends), which also meant that it was a bit cheaper to develop, helped get a thumbs up also. At any rate, Child of Light certainly sounds interesting; let's just hope Ubi supports its development, plus its developers, every step of the way.

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