Grand Theft Auto V's Xbox Achievements Listed And It's Exactly What You'd Expect, Yet More


If you plan on picking up GTA V for the Xbox 360, then you might be interested in knowing what achievements the game holds. After all, they're always a good indication of the hijinks that awaits.

And the recently revealed list will make one say: "Yup, this is Grand Theft Auto alright."

Xbox 360 Achievements has the full lowdown. Not everything is listed, of course, since you always have a couple of secret achievements.

Yet there's more than enough to paint a picture. Stuff like "Pimp My Sidearm" (fully mod a weapon), "Los Santos Customs" (fully mod a vehicle), and "Wanted: Alive Or Alive" (deliver a bail bond target alive) are all fairly standard fare.

Not that it's a bad thing of course; guns and cars are what GTA is all about, after all.

But then you have achievements like "Trading Pure Alpha" (make a profit over your total investments in the stock market), "Out of Your Depth" (you're gonna need a bigger boat…), and "From Beyond the Stars" (collect and return all spaceship parts).

So it would appear that, in addition to the usual, you also have the stock market, killer sharks, and aliens to contend with. Though you also have a plenty of GTA Online specific achievements as well, though considering how exciting that mode will be, we're not complaining here either.

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