It's Wonder Woman, Without A Lasso, Sporting A Chainsaw Staff Instead


The obvious selling point of the Infinite Crisis MOBA is the ability to take control of the heroes (and villains) of the DC Universe. All the different versions of each personality, to be precise, and all products of the Multiverse.

Though developer Turbine's take on Wonder Woman might be the one of the more intriguing iterations yet.

At the very least, she's traded in her magical lasso for a staff that has a chainsaw at one end, and that's kinda cool. Also, it can be argued that her character design is miles above better than the current New 52 look:

If the narrator above made zero sense to you, it's all good. MOBAs are simply an entirely different beast from what you might be used to.

But once again, given how Diana is far cooler her than in the actual comics, Infinite Crisis might be the thing that helps brings loads of new players to the scene.

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