Techland's First-person, Free-running Zombie Survival Game 'Dying Light' In 12 Minutes Of Gameplay


See how the "Dead Island" developer has evolved the running-from-zombies-in-the-tropics concept in this lengthy gameplay video for "Dying Light."

From the official synopsis:

Welcome to the unforgiving world of Dying Light, where a city devastated by a deadly outbreak has become a battleground. In the first-ever trailer for the recently-announced title from WBIE and Techland, players will get a glimpse of what it takes to stay alive. As day turns to night, survivors race to a cache of supplies, but the pulse-pounding free run is only half the battle. Staying alive through the night, when the infected become even more deadly, is the real challenge. So run, boy, run, as Dying Light wishes you Good Night, Good Luck.

It's not out for current and next gen consoles (and the PC), until 2014, but based on this very guided pre-Alpha footage, "Dying Light" seems at least really intriguing. If only because the game emphasizes traversal/escape over straight-up combat, Techland's next game feels like a departure from the swarm of zombie games which would have you blast away at the living dead head on--zombie games are now action games instead of horror games.

Warner Bros. Interactive is publishing "Dying Light" and it'll be out sometime next year.

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