For Female Fans Of Mass Effect Who Want More Than Just Another T-Shirt

by Matt Hawkins


Video game apparel is a big business these days. If you like a type of game or particular genre, there's a good chance you can find some piece of clothing, official or unofficial, to let the whole world know that you're a fan.

But the thing is, it would seem that 99% of all examples are aimed at men. Or at the very least, they're just shirts or hoodies. Not to say that women don't wear similar attire, but women’s closets have a lot more variety, generally speaking.

And also considering how plenty of women play games as well, they deserve something considerably more just not a guy's shirt that's simply shrunk down a bit to demonstrate their allegiance. Which is where Black Milk Clothing comes in.

The Australian based boutique has just launched a line that's all about Mass Effect. But instead of just another line of tees, their offering includes leggings and full on dresses.

You may have seen Black Milk's handiwork in the past; they're best know for that R2-D2 swimsuit that was the rage on the internet a while back. Well, given how successful that was, they also have Mass Effect swimwear for sale, not surprisingly.

The line was developed via close collaboration with BioWare, makers of the game, who approached Black Milk with the idea, simply because they were so impressed with their work.

In an interview with Polygon, a BioWare representative stated that such apparel makes simple sense, given how woman comprise a massive portion of the franchise's fanbase.