MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, And Other Viacom Offerings Might Be Coming To A PlayStation Near You Very Soon


Microsoft's big Xbox One reveal in May rubbed many hardcore gamers the wrong way when it emphasized television content more than anything else. But the fact of the matter remains; gaming consoles, and other devices with similar capabilities, are slowly but surely replacing the traditional cable box.

And in what is clearly an attempt to one-up MS’s proposed televised offerings for the One, Sony has reported struck a deal with Viacom to bring their various channels, including MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central, to the PlayStation 4 plus other Sony hardware.

Perhaps it doesn't need to be pointed out, but this blog is part of MTV, which is owned and operated by Viacom. But we knew just as much as The Wall Street Journal, which is our source for this particular story.

According to their report, the preliminary agreement would include both streaming and on-demand programming. This is obviously welcome news for gamers who, again, feel less and less compelled to subscribe to cable.

It's well known that both Sony and Microsoft trying to make deals with television content providers and movie studios, so one has to assume that this kind of deal will not be a one time deal.

Though one also has to wonder what MTV and the like will be on the PS4 or similar device. Will the content mirror what is aired as is, will it simply be a portion, or will it be totally unique?

Also, if there's anyone who will no doubt be upset with this news its cable providers, since such a deal will clearly impact their bottom-line.

One possible compromise is to do something similar to the HBO Go app that currently exists on the Xbox 360. It allows one to access HBO programming on the console, but you still need to be a cable subscriber first.

But this is all pure speculation of course; once details emerge, we'll be sure to pass them along.