Vlambeer's Latest Pays Tribute To, Off All Things, Vlambeer


Vlambeer is unquestionably one of the hottest indie developers at the moment. Their last game, Ridiculous Fishing, took iOS by storm, and their soon to be released next effort, LUFTRAUSERS, is something all discerning Vita owners are aching for.

But then there's Wasteland Kings. What's that? The next game in their pipeline, a top down shooter that was borne from Mojam 2013, and which apparently is a "best of" Vlambeer of sorts.

Polygon has the details, including the game's origins, which much like all other Vlambeer releases, began with a prototype that was built in the blink of the eye and immediately let loose to gauge feedback. Along with how they're unfazed by the shameless cloning of an early build of LUFTRAUSERS by unscrupulous developers.

Though this totally brand new game sounds something considerably special; instead of being just an ordinary shooter, it apparently has rougelike elements. But even further than that, is how it contains bits and pieces of every Vlambeer game made up till this point.

According to Vlambeer’s very own, Rami Ismail:

"Wasteland Kings is not so much a game as it is a tribute, our tribute, to Vlambeer… It's a game that exists because of all the stuff we've made in the past three years."

Ismail also notes that it helps that their games have done so well, which has given them the enthusiasm and confidence to a produce something that’s filled to the brim with references and nods to their back catalogue.

Which may not be super extensive, yet it still has a dedicated fan base, one who would certainly appreciate some fan service. Wasteland Kings will be playable at the Pax Prime Indie MEGABOOTH this year, alongside the Android version of Ridiculous Fishing.

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