PAX Prime 2013's Indie MEGABOOTH Will Be The Biggest Yet


The highlight for many Penny Arcade Expo attendees is the chance to dive deep into indie gaming waters, with the Indie MEGABOOTH being the primary destination, which showcases the best of the best.

Each year it becomes big and better, in terms of quality, as well as pure volume. And the PAX Prime 2013 iteration promises to top all others before it, to a rather absurd degree.

Even though this year's Prime will be the longest as well (for the first time ever, it’s four days long), you simply won't have enough time to play everything at the Indie Mega Booth alone. Why? Because it will contain over 80 games from more than 60 developers:

As such, it is now the biggest single booth at PAX Prime. Considering how Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all have massive amounts of show floor space to being with, and how the latter two will especially be in full force, since both are launching new hardware, that's saying a lot:

Most are games that few have heard of, at least as of yet, and will surely be the next big thing. Though there's more than few definite known highlights, including Galak-Z, Reus, Hate Plus, Hotline Miami 2, Sportsfriends, Delvers Drop, Legend of Dungeon, They Bleed Pixels, Barkley 2, and Octodad.

For the entire list, be sure to check out the official Indie MEGABOOTH website.