Arc System Works Announces 'Persona 3' Characters For 'Persona 4 Arena'


Two new characters are coming to the Atlus-published "Persona 4 Arena" according to a recent Famitsu piece.

Revealed in a series of screens, you can see Yukari and Junpei have been added to the fighting game. When I asked an Atlus U.S. rep about the expansion, he said that for the time being, the update would be arcade-only in Japan, but that doesn't mean we can't hold out hope for the duo showing up on our shores as DLC for the console versions of the game.

High school student Junpei was one of the playable characters in 2006's "Persona 3" alongside Yukari--both fellow members of monster-hunting organization S.E.E.S. alongside that game's main character. Both fighters appear to be wearing their casual clothes in the character selection menu, but it's possible that their more familiar school uniforms will make an appearance as well in the game.


Image source: Famitsu


Image source: Famitsu

"Persona 4 Arena" was released last summer by Atlus, reuniting the characters from RPG "Persona 4" for another trip back into the world of late-night madness as they become pitted against one another in a bizarre game show version of the real world, using their mystical personas to add them in combat.

[Source: Famitsu]

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