Video Games Live Is Trying To Kickstart Their Third Album


There have been countless individuals who have long tried to evangelize the artistry of video game music, though few have been as high profile and successful as Tommy Tallarico.

A game musician himself, Tallarico is perhaps best known as the man behind Video Games Live, a concert series that travels the globe and highlights music from games, new and old, in a (mostly) orchestrated format.

There's been two live recordings thus far, and there might be a third, provided the just launched Kickstarter is a success.

Given the success of the concerts and albums thus far, why is Tallarico turning to crowd sourced funding. Because, as difficult is it is to finance a video game, it's just as tricky to produce a CD in this mp3 driven world:

There are numerous selling points in Tallarico's pitch, including how the third album will contain compositions that one usually doesn't find in similar endeavors, like Beyond Good And Evil and Monkey Island. Tallarico notes that, as skittish as record companies are when it comes to publishing game music, it's even worse when the games themselves are on the obscure side.

Another intriguing aspect is how Tallarico has managed to elicit the help of the original composers for his arrangements, including a who's who of Japanese talent. Much of the scope of the project is dependent upon reaching its stretch goals, with one being a full-length live concert motion picture as well.

Thankfully Tallarico has plenty of help from his famous friends, who have offered all kinds of incentives, including the chance to have David Hayter, the original voice of Solid Snake, record a personalized audio clip. Imagine Snake being the voice that everyone hears when leaving a voicemail.

The baseline goal is $250,000, and at $74,307 thus far, its chances are good. To donate, simply click this link.

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