Icarus Proudbottom Is The New Hot Thing In Video Game Typing Aides


In 1991, there was Mario Types Typing. In 1999, you had Typing of The Dead. And in 2013, today's crop of gamers have something else to help them with their keyboarding acumen. And its name is Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing.

The thing is, the youth of today's typing skills are perhaps in a class of its own, thanks to cell phones, Twitter, and other modern miracles. As such, they'll need something far sterner to push those finger muscles to the limit, and Icarus Proudbottom is certainly up to the task.

Instead of typing simple phrases to dismantle zombies, like the aforementioned Sega Dreamcast classic, it's just a bunch a words, and that's it. No other frills or thrills. Or to be more precise, statements uttered by either Icarus himself, his Native American spirit animal (even though Icarus appears to be lily white), and various other kooky characters that you'll have to repeated.

And these statements are often rude, weird, subversive, and flat out hilarious. There's also a vague RPG element, since you have to be mindful of your character's status, plus items that can be unlocked. Which seem to do absolutely nothing, but it's the though that counts, right?

At the very least, the loading screens are chock full of useful info:


You play Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing for totally free, via your browser, here.

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