'Flashback HD' Gets The Requisite Cinematic Trailer


Yet another pixelated classic from the halcyon days of the 8/16-bit era is getting a fully polygonal, high def makeover. In less than a week, Ubisoft will be releasing Flashback HD, around 20 years after the release of original incarnation, for the SNES and Genesis.

Actually, the original original version was on the Amiga, 21 years ago, but that platform wasn't exactly popular here in the States.

Anyhow, how does the remake stack up? At the very least, there's definitely a lot more story to chew on than before:

Actually, the remake sticks close to the original as far as narrative goes; it's just fleshed out considerably more. Unfortunately, Flashback was never known for its scintillating plot, which borrows heavily from moves like They Live and Total Recall. Perhaps too much so, but that was the case for many games back then, so it was never an issue.

What the original release was known for was the silky smooth, life like animation, which is par for the course these days. Hopefully the gameplay will hold up, and with people who were involved in the first Flashback involved in the follow-up, it's chances are good.

Flashback HD arrives on XBLA on August 21, with PSN and PC versions arriving later down the road.

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