There Is Now An EA Humble Bundle


It's definitely one of the more stranger video game pairings in recent memory. The folks who run Humble Bundle, which presents a pay what you want model for obtaining games in bulk, though it's mostly a showcase for up and coming or established indie developers, are now offering a bunch of games from one of the biggest publishers you'll find anywhere. That being EA.

Actually, there was one for THQ not too long ago. But since those games were from a publisher that just filed for bankruptcy, the whole charitable aspect, which is another primary component of the Humble Bundle, made the whole thing make sense.

At any rate, the Humble Origin Bundle as its called works like most others, except you're probably heard of all the games included:

Another key difference is how, instead of figuring out how much of the money you’re putting down to allocate towards the game makers (since this is EA we're talking about; one has to assume that their employees are a bit more financially stable than the average indie developer), there are several charities instead.

Including the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, and San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Still, many find the whole Humble Bundle X EA pairing to be odd. Indie dev Kurt Bieg puts it best with the following sentiment:

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