So The Wii U Made An Appearance On The Price Is Right


Forget the Wii U's dismal hardware sales for a moment; you at least know that something's a success when it appears on daytime television. No, the Nintendo console wasn't featured on the Maury Povich Show, but The Price Is Right.

Contestants were asked to guess the price of the system, the basic set, plus games. And how did they do? Not nearly as half as bad as one might have assumed:

Those expecting a comically low price, or ten dollars, or something insanely high, like a grand, sorry to disappoint. And congratulations to the contestant that was able to guess the correct dollar amount, right down to the exact dollar.

Also, it's always good when the jerk who bids only a dollar more than the previous person doesn't win. Those people are scum, plain and simple.

[via Polygon]

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