'Battlefield 4' Will Let You Transfer 360 and PS3 Stats, Premium Membership To Next Gen Consoles


The DICE shooter is out in October for current-gen machines--so to keep you from having to level up when or if you get and PS4 and/or Xbox One, your "Battlefield 4" profile will make the trip with you between consoles.

Oh, and there's going to be another Premium membership.

In an e-mail to the press and update via the the game's blog, DICE revealed the one-time only opportunity to transfer your "Battlefield 4" profile between platforms. The transfer requires the use of EA's Origin service.

Let's reiterate one of the key parts here: the transfer is one-time only and final, so if, by some odd fluke you want to play "Battlefield 4" on your PS3 after transferring your profile over to your PS4, it ain't happening.

EA and DICE also revealed that the very popular Premium membership is returning to the franchise. With "Battlefield 3," that meant a steady stream of DLC updates and events, and they're more or less promising the same this time out. The service was $49.99 when it launched with "Battlefield 3," and I'm guessing EA won't tinker with the price too much. Like your profile, the premium membership will make the leap across platforms.

"Battlefield 4" will be available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 29th.

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