'Grand Theft Auto V' Presents Politics Exactly How You'd Expect


It's apparently an election year in Los Santos, and the gubernatorial race between a former Vinewood stuntman/actor and a self-proclaimed successfully divorced schoolteacher is red hot.

It's also proof positive that, when it comes to viral marketing, no one comes close to what Rockstar is able to conjure up. First, meet Jock Stanley:

Clearly, a man who has jumped off the tops of buildings for some summer blockbuster's action scene knows a thing or two about city planning. So how does his opponent, Sue Murry, compare?

And it's true; the best way to help the homeless situation is to invest in public radio. Also, if the above is way too close to how politics in your neck of the woods, I'm sure Rockstar is sorry, but they'd still like you to buy a copy of GTA V anyway.

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