2D MOBA 'Awesomenauts' To Continue Its Awesomness on the PS4


Missed it on all of the other platforms it was released on in 2012? Well, Ronimo's "Awesomenauts" is making the leap to the PS4 with bug fixes, an additional map, and more content.

Developer Roninm is using Abstraction games to produce the port which will include all of the updates and DLC for the PC release. No word on a release date, however Ronimo is promising another reveal in the coming days (an Xbox One version of the game?).

"Awesomenauts" was released last spring for the 360 and later, PS3 with a port for the PC and Mac released in the fall. The game puts you in the shoes of one of its made-for-Saturday-morning-cartoon characters. The sci-fi-themed cast participates in 3v3 battles to blow up one another's Solar Collectors at their home base and you know how MOBAs work so you know how this game works. With its roster of colorful and weird characters with unique abilities and skills, "Awesomenauts" was one of the gems of 2012.

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