Guy Lost 100 Pounds Thanks To Wii Fit


It's been a couple of years since Wii Fit first hit the streets, and as such, it's also been a while since we last read about some guy or gal shedding a significant amount of weight from it.

Even still, it's always nice hearing about the positive effects of a video game on a person's health, even if it's not so much one but instead a fitness regimen pretending to be a video game.

Polygon reports that some fellow was able to shed "roughly 90/100ish pounds" over the course of one year, from 336 pounds to around 240, thanks to Wii Fit. The key, in this particular instance, were the mini games which were found to be addictive and motivating.

Though portion control and a healthier overall diet also played a key role. Said person is also eagerly awaiting the Wii U iteration of Wii Fit. As are many others, one might assume.

The original Wii Fit was a massive success, which introduced Nintendo to a brand new audience. It could be argued that the follow-up could appeal once again to such a demographic, and in the process do wonders for the Wii U's current, somewhat floundering, bottom-line.

In the meanwhile, said people will continue to use Wii Fit, and Wii Fit Plus, every single day. Like the person writing this, for example.

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