Devolver Digital to Publish Stark Sci-Fi Point-and-Click ‘Gods Will Be Watching’

by Joseph Leray

Real talk: I would slaughter every soldier, engineer, doctor, and scientist on my team if it meant I had enough food to keep Marvin the Rottweiler alive in Deconstructeam’s “Gods Will Be Watching,” a one-screen adventure game full of moral quandaries and ethical pitfalls about a group of starving explorers stuck on a hostile planet.

Thankfully, it never came to that since I froze to death after less than a week. I’ll get a chance to try again when Devolver Digital — the publisher behind “Hotline Miami” and “Luftrausers” — brings the indie point-and-click to PC and mobile next year.

“Gods Will Be Watching” started off during Ludum Dare 26, a game jam that happens every four months and gives designers and developers 48 hours to make a game based on a given theme. The theme for the most recent competition was “minimalism.”

In response, the Valencia, Spain-based Deconstructeam built “Gods Will Be Watching.” Players are tasked with surviving for 40 days by hunting, curing diseases, lifting morale, and fixing a radio. The catch is that players are limited to a handful of actions per day while the Medusa virus decimates your team and its limited food supply.

If you don’t freeze to death like I did, you’ll eventually have to make some Donner Party-style decisions: is it worth saving the infected psychiatrist, or should I let her die to save on vaccines?

The in-browser Flash game proved popular enough to sustain an Indiegogo campaign that’s raised almost $20,000, enough for Deconstructeam to remake, revamp, overhaul, and expand “The Gods Will be Watching” into a full-scale space opera. The plan so far is to design six different scenarios, tasking Sergeant Burden and his crew with enduring torture, escaping mysterious diseases, and squaring off against bioterrorists.

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