A Certain MMO Gets An LCD Demake In The 'Game of Watchcraft: Spawn Of Squishy' Trailer


Indie developer Click celebrates the only way to play on the go (in 1989) with this trailer for their iOS release "Game of Watchcraft: Spawn of Squishy."

Game of Watchcraft: Spawn of Squishy - The Movie from Clicker on Vimeo.

A quick explanation of LCD games for those of you too young to remember them: these were (typically) black and white handhelds, sometimes based on film and television properties, sometimes based on existing console and arcade games which offered limited animation and gameplay, but were notable, at the time, for being relatively cheap when compared to full-fledged portable consoles like the Gameboy. Apparently, the guys at Clicker were fans of the era.

With "Game of Watchcraft," the Melbourne, Australia-based team has paid homage to "World of Warcraft," it seems, but in this case, repetitive activity won't help you level up, it'll simply put you in front of the boss again. Okay, you do get to level up, but you don't get to brag about it to your guild or anything.

The $0.99 "Game of Watchcraft" is out now for the iPad from the two-man team at Clicker, whose "LCDemakes" mission statement is "about taking modern hit games and reimagining them as LCD console titles from the 1980s. Each LCDemake game will distill the essence of the modern title into the extreme design limitations of the original LCD hardware."

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