Check Out The Heartwarming Horror Of This 'BioShock 2' Little Sister/Big Sister Cosplay


Costa Rican cosplayer and artist Angela Bermudez pays tribute to the bond between a little girl and her murderous, mute, biologically-modified protector from "Bioshock 2."

This set is one of many, many cosplay projects Bermudez has been showing off over the past few months via her Facebook page, spanning comics, games, and animation (her very simple and well-crafted "Ace" from the DC Comics' the Royal Flush Gang is a highlight).

But the real gem is this recently-posted Little Sister/Big Sister cosplay from "Bioshock 2." In the fiction of the game, Big Sisters are ADAM-augmented Little Sisters, all grown up and tasked with maintaining the ecological balance of the ruined undersea city of Rapture in the decade after the events of the first "BioShock."




[Source: Angela Bermudez via The Cyberwolf]

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