Looking Good: ‘Lilly Looking Through’ Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign

by Joseph Leray

There are two things that you always hear about point-and-click adventure games: either they’re “dead,” or they’re experiencing an indie resurgence. I think it’s more accurate to say that they never really disappeared at all: the spotlight may have moved on, but companies like TellTale, Wadjet Eye, Amanita Design, and Daedalus have been tending the flock capably.

New to the fold might be Geeta Games: their first project, “Lilly Looking Through” tripled its Kickstarter goal and is pushing hard for a release on Steam via Greenlight.

Geeta Games is a small team headquartered in Michigan, staffed by vets from the games, movie, and theatre industries. Notably, designer Steve Hoogendyk cut his teeth on the “Myst” series. That franchise’s high-concept fantasy world seems pretty different to “Lilly”’s colorful, lighthearted, hand-drawn environments, but it’s a nice pedigree that suggests (I hope) a solid grasp of adventure games and puzzle design.

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