You Will Wish This Hypothetical Super Metroid Animated Series Or Movie Was Real


Metroid and all its games would be the perfect basis for an animated program or motion picture. Unfortunately, especially in the case of the former, that's not happening anytime soon. Why? Because Nintendo's track records on both ends have been less than stellar.

Captain N: The Game Master was the best show they helped to produce, which perhaps is not saying much, and the less said about the live action Super Mario Bros movie, the better.

It's a shame because, in the right hands, a Metroid show/movie would be awesome. But whose? Here's a suggestion: Dave Rapoza.

His take on the animated adventures of Samus Aran, which Kotaku was the first to point out, is one of the hottest going on the internet at the moment. And for good reason:

The number one reason why it's so awesome is the art style. Instead of going the anime route or something else that's equally contemporary, and therefore seen that/done that, Rapoza's effort oozes the stuff you might have seen in the 70s. Something akin to René Laloux or Ralph Bakshi. Rapoza clearly knows what he's doing and we can't wait to see what else he conjures up.

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