First 'Defiance' DLC Adds New Weapons, Species


Trion Worlds' MMO which is also a TV series is getting both a paid and free update next week.

It's the Castithan Charge Pack, which introduces the titular race to "Defiance" along with new missions and content. In a press release this morning, Trion Worlds boasted that the content--which would be split between paid DLC and a free update for all players--would benefit the entire "Defiance" player base.

First, let's start with the free stuff, which will be available on August 20:

  • New Charge Weapons – shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols
  • Sieges -- a new type of dynamic content mode that combines Capture-and-Hold control points with kill scores, as enemies invade various mission locations, forcing players to band together to hold them off
  • New Monolith Major Arkfall – highly challenging arkfall event with a tough new boss and loot
  • Military Academy – a new player-versus-player capture and hold map
  • Duels Game Mode – challenge your friends online in one-on-one combat
  • Additional in-game changes, including newly enhanced map, and new chat window

"Sieges" seem like the most interesting update here, adding a kind of "Horde" mode to "Defiance," encouraging more cooperation in a game that too often allows you to roll solo.

If you're willing to shell out the 800 MS Points/$9.99, then there are a few more perks to this DLC including:

  • Play as the alien Castithan Species – create a new character or change your existing one
  • New Battle Arena Game Mode – an instanced single player “horde mode”-style game that opens up a new story mission line, Castithan Charge Blade weapon and in-game item
  • Unique version of the Raptor – a new four passenger truck designed to help small groups of arkhunters to quickly traverse the terraformed Bay Area
  • Unique Castithan outfit
  • New Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 system Achievements and Trophies

Trion Worlds didn't provide any details on what benefits this new race might provide to the "Defiance" universe: if they're nothing more than a new skin, then I could see the $10 price tag as being a little hard to swallow for the first DLC in an already pretty large game. Currently, humans and the alien Votans are the only species available in "Defiance," their differences primarily cosmetic.

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