This Insider's Look At The Xbox One Controller Is Over Seven Minutes Long


Last week Microsoft released a bunch of videos highlighting the Xbox One and its various components, including one for the controller. Clocking in at 41 seconds, it apparently wasn't nearly long enough to convey the brilliance behind their reengineered gaming input.

Which why is why we now have a second video, one that comes in at exactly 7 minutes and 10 seconds.

It has Major Nelson and discussing the One's new and improved controller with Zulfi Alam, general manager of the Xbox accessories group, at length. Is it sleep inducing? Actually, quite the contrary. Provided one is way into about such matters:

It's easy to dismiss Major Nelson's assertion that the 360 controller is one of the best controllers of all time, given that's exactly the type of stuff that PR mouthpiece says, but he's actually right. Many believe this to be fact.

So it's interesting to see how MS engineers were able to enhance what was essentially perfect in many people's minds. Stuff like enhanced ergonomics and more nuanced rumble sounds great. Along with how, with a common USB cable, the wireless controller can immediately become a wired one.

The one thing that everyone can agree is not so great is the 360's directional pad, and those who have handled the One's can all attest at how much better it is. So it's nice to find out why this is indeed the case.