All You Can Arcade's Home Arcade Rental Service Includes Free Delivery


It's something virtually all diehard gamers wish they had: an arcade cabinet of their very own, in the corner of the living room or elsewhere in the home.

Though most never bother to even explore the possibility, due to fears that such machines would cost an arm and a leg to procure, plus the upkeep would also be a headache. And what if you get bored of that one single game that too so much effort and money to purchase and maintain?

Such fears are not unfounded. But if you happen to be a resident of California, you might want to know about All You Can Arcade. They'll let you rent an arcade cabinet for just $75 a month.

According to Polygon, their selection is about 100 titles strong at this point, and consists mostly of early 80s classics like Donkey Kong and Pac Man. Though slightly more contemporary offerings, such as Street Fighter 2, are also available and the selection is constantly growing.

Again, it's just $75 a month to have one in your home, along with a refundable $75 deposit. All You Can Arcade founders Seth and Timothy Peterson find their machines for the cheap via eBay and Craigslist, mostly because they're in less than stellar condition. But the Petersons fix them up, so you can find a new home. Possibly yours?

They'll even deliver them to your place of residence. Both men also hope to expand their service to the East Coast.