Amazon Rumored To Be Producing A Console Of Their Own


By year's end, not only will you have new gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft to consider, but one from Amazon as well, at least according to rumors.

According to TechCrunch, the Amazon game machine will be powered by a Qualcomm MPQ chip, which is the same basic CPU that powers various smart TV and set-top boxes already. It's also being built by Lab126, a "experimental hardware division" based in Apple's backyard, Cupertino, and who are responsible for the Kindle.

Amazon has also been reportedly approaching developers, in hopes of them creating exclusive games for the machine. Furthermore, it is theorized that the Amazon game machine will directly compete with the likes of the Ouya and the upcoming Game Stick. It's new that would

Now, perhaps this news would be slightly more exciting if not for the fact that the Ouya's arrival has been less than auspicious. While it's still very early in the game, the Android driven alternative to the big boys hasn't exactly turned the gaming world upside down as some were hoping for.

So what can Amazon do that others have not? It's hard to say, but this much is certain: they have a definite ace up their sleeves, in the form of their vast and varied digital catalogue, so movies and music will more than likely be a big part of its strategy. It has even been suggested that they give it away to all Amazon Prime subscribers, and have revenue come solely through subscriptions.

Such a move would definitely be risky, though if anyone can afford one, it's Amazon. One of the biggest issues that's plaguing the Ouya right now is how no one is spending any money on content. Though it could be argued that there isn't much to elicit much wallet opening in the first place. Whereas Amazon, theoretically, should not have that problem.