Guy Who Sued Subway Over 11 Inch Subs Now After GameStop


Do you know the name John Farley? Probably not, but you may be aware what he's known for: he's that guy who sued Subway because their footlong subs are actually only eleven inches. Anyhow, what is he up to these days? Why, suing GameStop of course.

So, what he's beef with them? According to Kotaku, Farley, who hails from Marlton, New Jersey, is part of a suit that includes two other plaintiffs and they are all targeting GameStop. Because money that should have been theoretically saved when purchasing used copies of games were instead reallocated on online passes and other forms of DLC.

According to the lawsuit, it all stems from when Farley picked up a used copy of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit in 2011: "When Farley attempted to play his game online with other players, he discovered he could not do so and was forced to pay [an additional fee]… He was the victim of deceptive statements and knowing admissions."

Believe it or not, a Federal judge from Farley's home state has okayed the suit. It's also worth noting that the original report from the Philadelphia Enquirer points out that Farley's lawyer, Joseph Osefchen,"specializes in class-action lawsuits."

If this was many years ago, one has to wonder if Farley would have used Nintendo because the Genesis does what Nintendon't (or should we say, Nintendidn't). Perhaps vice versa?