Microsoft Is Ditching MS Points On The Xbox 360 As Well


An aspect of Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console that got plenty of thumbs up when revealed (perhaps not shockingly) is how MS Points will be scrapped in lieu of actual currency.

Well it would appear that the strong outpour was strong enough for Microsoft to ditch their nonsensical and confusing form of currency for the Xbox 360 also.

Over the weekend, Microsoft announced that, in the next 360 firmware update, MS Points will be done away with and local currency will take its place. MS Points Cards will also be phased out in favor of Xbox Gift Cards. The value of said plastic will also become clearer to regular folk, who are the type of people who largely get gift cards in the first place.

As for those old points cards you already have, Microsoft states that they will continue to accept them "until further notice". It is also assumed that whatever points you already have will automatically be converted into actual dollar amounts.

This is great news for pretty much anyone who has grown tiresome of trying to convert Microsoft's moon money into legitimate dollars and sense. Mostly journalists who have a hard time memorizing the 1 US dollar equals to 80 MS Points equation (thankfully there's this site to help do complex math).

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