Hyperkin's New Pixel Art Controllers Are For Those Who Are Really, REALLY Into Retro Gaming


Many games of today are sporting the oh so popular retro, 8/16-bit look. So shouldn't the way we play them also follow suit? At least that's what accessories maker Hyperking is thinking.

Coming next month is their line of Pixel Art Controllers, for the PC and Mac, which resemble Super Nintendo inputs, but in low resolution. You know, like 8/16-bit games.

They certainly look neat. Though comfortable? The jury is till out on that one:

As one can tell, both the US and Japanese/European colors schemes for SNES controllers are represented, along with a number of other color options, including something the Incredible Hulk would use.

Again, the controllers come out in September, so until then, feel free to check out the rest of Hyperkin's offerings.

In addition to still making N64 controllers and PS2 memory cards, they also make something that apparently combines the 360 controller and with the Wii nunchuck. Plus it's PS3 compatible. The entire thing makes the Pixel Art controllers look pretty pedestrian in comparison.

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