Salty Bet Lets You Wager On Fake Fighting Game Matches With Fake Money


What are your thoughts on betting? Think they're total waste of time and money? Are you not into guessing the outcome of sporting matches or horse races? At least enough to put money down on them.

What about fighting games? Would you be more inclined to wager on virtual head to head matches? What if the money you had was not real? That's probably a bit better.

But to make it even more exciting, and since nothing is actually real anyway, why not make them computer driven matches featuring completely random characters? We're not talking Ryu vs. M. Bison, we're talking Sub Zero vs. Homer Simpson.

Welcome to the wild world of Salyy Bet, which broadcasts randomly generated matches via MUGEN. For those unfamiliar, it's an open sourced fighting platform that allows for any and all game characters go head to head, so the real name of the game is custom creations. Which means the match ups are generally on the extremely bizarre and obscure side of things; alas many matches end up being obscure anime character A vs. obscure anime character B.

Still, it's always fun to watch the game in action; the game platform itself also has zero consideration for balance, so half the fun is how ridiculously over the top it is. I just watched a match between Evil Home Simpson vs. a guy from Fist of the North Star, and the latter's special movie was garbled YouTube footage, including footage from Obama's Presidential campaign from '08.

Again, you can bet fake funds on the outcome. Zenny to be exact, which is a long running fake currency in Capcom games. And the best part is the live chat room that accompanies each and every fight. Is Salty Bet any worse than traditional betting? Actually, yes, it is, because it's won't kill your wallet, though it most definitely will kill all your time if you're not careful.

[via Gameological Society]