Link to the Past And Link Between Worlds Compared Side By Side


Nintendo tells us that the upcoming "The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds" for the 3DS takes place in the same world as the SNES classic, Legend of Zelda: The Link To The Past, and it certainly looks that way upon first glance.

But given the differences in gameplay and art style, among other things (especially how the concept art recently changed, as Tiny Cartridge first observed), many are naturally curious as to how similar the environments truly are. Turns out, they're fairly close.

GameXplain decided to find out by directly comparing the Overworlds from both games. This was achieved by painstakingly recreating the preview footage from "A Link Between Worlds" in The Link To The Past, by mimicking all of Link's movements:

Overall the layout is quite similar, and while it is true that there are some differences, they're not as clear and present as GameXplain says. The only real changes are certain segments of the Dark World in which one land bridge is absent, plus the manmade one for Hyrule Castle also looks a bit different.

But otherwise, that's about it. In fact, many of the finer details are similar, including pathways and foliage; even some enemy placement is identical. Though one thing you can definitely believe is GameXplain's claim that it wasn't easy following Link's footsteps in the 3DS demo.

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