Space Race: ‘MirrorMoon EP’ Promises Low-Poly Exploration and Solar Eclipses

by Joseph Leray

“MirrorMoon EP” is the newest project from Italian indie firms Santa Ragione and Bloody Monkey. At its most basic, “MirrorMoon” is a space exploration game: from the Atari 2600-inspired cockpit of your rocket ship, you will explore new galaxies, lay claim to distant planets, and explore ancient ruins equipped with your low-poly gun-arm.

Even though the two games are totally different, “MirrorMoon”’s trailer actually reminds me of the original “Mass Effect.” (Although, honestly, most things remind me of “Mass Effect.”) One my favorite things about it was careening through the stars in the Mako, climbing to the top of some endlessly repeated mountain range textures only to find a purple sun rising through, say, a green sky.

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