Microsoft: Xbox One Gold Accounts Will Allow You To Share Most Features With Your Household


In a post earlier today, Major Nelson detailed some of the ways Xbox One users can share the benefits of a Gold account with their family and while away from home.

Microsoft's calling it "Home Gold," the shared set of features your Xbox LIVE Gold account will allow you to share with friends and family in the same household as your Xbox One. That includes sharing digital purchases on the same machine both on and offline (as well as utilizing the previously-announced ability to play games as they download). Home Gold will allow you to share apps on the same machine, although Microsoft didn't specify if this extended to video streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu, although MS does promise that you can set up an unlimited number of profiles on your home machine to share these features. With all of those profiles, the Xbox will target recommendations to individual users as opposed to just the primary account holder.

But back to games: you can, as always, take your profile with you and that means when you're using your Gold account at a friend's, they'll have access to multiplayer features while your Gold account is logged in even if they don't have one of their own.

Also, one question that's been bugging some of us: what happens to your current Gold account? Well, it's just going to port over cleanly to the Xbox One (you can even be logged into a 360 and Xbox One at the same time). I'm still curious how a LIVE account with both One and 360 Achievements will look, though--will the gamerscore be two separate numbers or just one ever-increasing number?

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