Here's Your Way Ahead Of Schedule Xbox One Unboxing Video


It's been another rough week for Microsoft and its upcoming next generation console, given the recent revelation that Xbox One's much touted features will require a Live Gold subscription, whereas comparable features are free on the PlayStation 4.

But sometimes all those negative thoughts and feelings are washed away when once is dazzled by something nice and shiny. Which might be why Microsoft has just produced a bunch of videos that showcases what awaits those who purchase their brand new toy later this year.

First up is the very first unboxing video, something console console devotees and tech fetishists in general love to gobble up, and well before the system hits store shelves. Though this one is of the very special, Day One edition:

There are no real surprises here, except for one minor one: the interface only allows for HDMI. And granted, must flat screens out there support HDMI, there are some out there who still use older sets, that only accommodate component (or even composite). If you're getting the One, you will absolutely need a modern set.

Moving on, here's a more up close and personal look at the controller. Those who have handled it can vouch for the fact that the d-pad is miles above the one found on the 360 (which perhaps is not saying much):

Next we have the included headset. It's hard to really make such things super sexy, though MS should receive credit for making the controls so nice and big and accessible:

And finally here's a clip for the charge and play kit. Not sure why a video is really necessary for such a thing, but at least it's nice to know that such a thing exists:

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