Denis Dyack Discusses 'Shadow of the Eternals' In This Video Walkthrough

By Miguel Concepcion

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Precursor Games' Denis Dyack (formerly of Silicon Knights) recently met up with us to reintroduce his studio's spiritual successor to their Gamecube cult hit, 'Eternal Darkness'. Titled 'Shadow of the Eternals', Precursor's Kickstarter for the game has 14 days left to reach its goal of $750,000. Looking at the higher pledge rewards, the idea of paying Precursor Games to be a product spokesman sounds unusual, but then again, some fans have already made such pledges. Moreover, the game has gotten endorsements from the likes of Bioware co-founder Ray Muzyka and voice actor David Hayter, who also happens to play a detective in the game.

To give you a better idea of what 'Shadow of the Eternals' is about, we asked Denis to give us an overview while the game's video demo played:

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