Schoolhouse Rock Parody, Game Launch Rock, Offers Legitimately Valid Advice


All week long, YouTube has been showcasing videos that are designed to appeal to geeks of all kind. From movie nerds to comic book dweebs. And yes, video game dorks are also included in the mix.

At at the very top of the must watch list is the Schoolhouse Rock parody, that will resonate most strongly with those of us who were actually around when it originally aired on Saturday mornings.

But all gamers, especially the young ones, would do themselves well by taking a look and listening to its advice.

The following, by Brent Black, who is mostly known by the name brentalfloss, tells us all that console launches are not what they used to be, and are best left avoided:

The message is clear; wait till Above & Beyond: Ghost Dad is finally out before picking up a system.

Real quick, here's another YouTube Geek Week selection, that suggests that, in addition to movies based upon Marvel Comics, Stan Lee has made plenty of cameos in various Nintendo games over the years:

It's not nearly as strong as the first clip, but the idea of Stan Lee as a Pokemon is both mildly entertaining and disturbing at the same time.