Alyx Puts The 'Gravity Gun' To Good Use In This Live-action 'Half-Life 2' Short


It's antigravity mayhem as "Half-Life 2" heroine Alyx Vance (Lilan Bowden) stars in Corridor Digital's short about the origins of the Gravity Gun.

You can see some solid to good action chops on display here from Corridor Digital, who shows us the first time the iconic "Half-Life 2" weapon gets used in the field--and not by series hero Gordon Freeman. I have no idea how much this project cost, but Corridor was able to wring some value out of their dollar with some clever digital effects taking full advantage of the unique weapon.

The four-minute short, released as part of YouTube's Gaming Day for their Geek Week programming, is from directors Sam and Niko. Alyx's physicist father Eli is played by Max Gonzalez, although for a bit I thought he was simply a digital actor with voice work.

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