Watch Us Play 'Disney Infinity' With Special Guest John Vignocchi


The digital House of Mouse has a big, big game squeaking around the corner and we get our hands on a huge demo with the one and only John Vignocchi, Executive Producer at Disney Interactive. Join us for a look at some of “Disney Infinity’s” mechanics and new Toy Box mode after the jump!

Combining the platforming of "Super Mario," the creative building elements of "Little Big Planet," and the addictive collectability of "Skylanders," it's easy to see that "Infinity" should provide endless hours of entertainment. Especially the Toy Box mode -- which let's you and up to 3 friends jump in a virtual world and make practically anything you want. Want to reimaingine the Magic Kingdom in your own image? You can do it -- and then share it with everyone. There are even logical objects which you can program to customize your fun even further allowing you to make your own mini games. John showed off a quick recreation of soccer but the tools are robust enough to let come up with all kinds of crazy things.

I, for one, cannot wait to jump and start building my digital world while simultaneously littering my real world desk with these cute figurines. Look for a full review later this month when the game drops.

"Disney Infinity" releases August 18 on pretty much any current platform under the sun.

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