Unofficial ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’ And ‘Star Fox’ Ports Prove That There’s Plenty Of Life On The Genesis

The first 16-bit console to enter the console wars, the Sega Genesis, arrived with a bang back in the 1989 here in the United States. After waging a very successful war against Nintendo and its SNES for numerous years, it eventually stepped aside to make room for the 32/64-bit wars. The very last commercially released game for the system was Frogger, released in 1998.

Yet new games are still being made for the Genesis, even to this very day, albeit unofficially. And most are ports of pre-existing games, again unofficially, but they prove that there’s still much that can be done with the now ancient hardware.

The first example is from a recent Kotaku post that’s about a Wreck-It-Ralph port, of a game that originated on smart phones. But the following video is actually from the comments section, of a slightly superior (and more “authentic”) version than the one highlighted:

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