‘Tetris Monsters’ Is Like ‘Tetris’ Combined With ‘Dragon Quest’ Or Something

Many believe “Tetris” to be the absolute perfect video game. Which is both good and bad for those who are owners of the license. On one hand, they are able to lay claim to one of the greatest gaming franchise of all time. But because “Tetris” is so perfect, it makes fiddling with the formula almost impossible.

Over the years there have been many attempts to improve upon perfection, or at least add to it, and nothing has really worked. To some, the original black & green Game Boy version is still the king. So what’s a game publisher to do? Why, add super kawaii monsters, of course.

Coming soon in Japan, Destructoid reports, is the simply titled “Tetris Monsters.” Which as the title implies, infuses the classic rotating block puzzler with wee beasties:

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