Devil in the Details: 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' Introduces Mounts and Multiple Races for Player-Character

by Joseph Leray

Dragon Age: Inquisition

"Dragon Age: Inquisition," BioWare's hotly anticipated -- by yours truly, at least -- follow-up to the much-maligned "Dragon Age II," is the cover story for this month's issue of Game Informer. As a result, new details are starting to leak out like so many demons from a tear in the Veil.

For example, we now know that "Dragon Age: Inquisition" will be the first game in the series to feature rideable mounts. In a short clip of interviews with producer Mark Darrah and lead designer Mike Laidlaw, you can see a character -- presumably the protagonist inquisitor -- riding a horse through a desert environment.

Wide open spaces large enough to warrant extra transportation haven't been the norm in Thedas -- "Dragon Age II" consisted mostly of cramped and claustrophobic caves and warehouses -- but BioWare has been advocating for a larger game world since the very beginning of development. As early as December of last year, it was clear that the development team was taking cues from games like "Skyrim," "Neverwinter Nights," and "Baldur's Gate" with regard to exploration.

Mounts in "Inquisition" were later confirmed by Darrah on Twitter.

The second morsel to drop from Game Informer's gaping maw is that players will once again have multiple races to choose from. Hawke, the player-character from "II" was human, but players could choose to make the Warden in "Origins" a dwarf or an elf, as well.

In "Inquisition," players will command the, uh, Inquisition, a group of soldiers attempting to navigate the political fall out from the events of "Dragon Age II" while contending with the fact that demons are pouring out of a metaphysical hole in the sky. "Dragon Age" has always been -- according to BioWare -- more about the world and its politics than any particular hero, so it's interesting to see "Inquisition" hew so closely to the plot of "II."

As is usual for Game Informer cover stories, expect more info on "Dragon Age: Inquisition" over the course of the month. The game will be available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 next year.

[Game Informer]

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