Super Mario Bros Special Has Finally Been Added To Super Mario Bros Crossover


For those who are unaware of its existence, Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a popular fan game that gathers various characters from across popular NES games and drops them all into Super Mario Bros, including all their native abilities.

So if you've ever wanted to know what it would be like to control Simon Belmont in the Mushroom Kingdom, here's your chance. Though the latest 3.0 update adds even more features, including a taste of the one Super Mario game that virtually no one has had a chance to play: Super Mario Bros Special.

We've actually made mention of this most obscure of SMB ports once before, not too long ago; it's the port for Japanese only PCs:

Those who are observant might have noticed that the new Special levels share the same aesthetics as the largely unknown port, but not the single screen scrolling, which in the end is for the best.

Though there are plenty of other graphical modes to choose from, like ones that gives everything a 2600 sheen, or ones that simply make those Mario 1 levels look like Mario 2, or Mario 3, or even Zelda 2, plus so much more. Give it a shot over at Exploding Rabbit.

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