'Pikmin''s Deepest, Darkest, And Most Obscure Secrets Finally Exposed


Yesterday was the long awaited release of "Pikmin 3," so what better time is there to look back at the franchise? But instead of checking its Wikipedia page, here's a better suggestion: Did You Know Gaming's latest clip, which coincidentally enough, is all about Pikmin.

For those who aren't aware, it's a Tumblr that published curious and at times flat out bizarre video game factoids every single day, though the best part is their "YouTube videos, which jam packs in as much obscure trivia on a single game or series as possible in a little over five minutes:

To think, there's actually a strain of genetically engineered flowers that were designed to look like Pikmin. Too bad the seeds were available in time to be a pre-order bonus, and one has to wonder why this wasn't done for the sequel.

Though, once more, all the Did You Know Gaming videos are worth watching. There are often multiple videos on the same subject matter, and the second or third in a series is often the best since that's when the really obscure stuff gets dug up, as is the case in this one for Sonic The Hedgehog:

Had zero idea that Sonic's personality was based upon Bill Clinton, or that one of the games samples a speech from Malcolm X, did you?

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