Take A Look At The Zelda Flick That Never Happened

As a general rule, movies based on video games are usually abysmal. And no one knows this better than Nintendo, thanks to how the live action “Super Mario Bros.” flick turned out. Which is why the chances of them okaying another big screen adaptation of one of their cherished franchised is pretty much nil.

The theatrical Pokemon animated moves don’t count since they’re based upon the popular television cartoon and are largely by the same parties.

But that didn’t stop Imagi Animation Studios from pitching the idea of a full length, CGI motion picture of the “The Legend of Zelda.” They’re the same studio responsible for both the CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Astro Boy CGI movies. Both of which did not fare very well at the box office, it should be noted.

The following, which was unearthed in the latest Superannuation column for Kotaku, is courtesy of Adam Holmes, the animator who shot, edited, and supervised the pitch:

Embedded from www.youtube.com.