In DC Universe Online DLC 'Sons Of Trigon,' Gotham Goes To Hell

By Miguel Concepcion


The latest 'DC Universe Online' DLC, titled 'Sons of Trigon' is one of the thematically bolder DLCs for Sony Online Entertainment's superhero game. Along with resolving a cliffhanger from the main game, 'Sons of Trigon' paints a hellish vision of Gotham, structured on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Trigon is DC's version of the devil and each of his sons (and their respective cults) inhabit different parts of Gotham, each one sinfully themed. Amusement Mile has turned into the Lust area and the stadium for the Gotham Knights football team is Envy (envy for high player salaries supposedly). Gotham City is a dark city to begin with, but it wouldn't be surprising if the game's art team enjoyed this opportunity to transform this metropolis into a nightmare state.


This DLC places a large emphasis on magic-based characters like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and as a first time participant in 'DC Universe Online', Constantine is one of the quest givers. New characters also include Cheetah, Gentleman Ghost and even the Teen Titan villains, The Fearsome Five. Not every area has a Trigon-spawn to take down, only about three to defeat before settling the score with Trigon, the DLC's final boss.

However hellish this setting might be, SoE is excited to make 'Sons of Trigon' one of the more accessible DLCs of late. Many missions are balanced for solo play, but can be equally entertaining as group battles. And while the previous DLC proved to be a challenge for the majority of players, don't expect increased difficulty this time around as the combat rating will stay the same. In terms of familiar gameplay, you can look forward to daily missions and lore-expanding collectables.

SoE hasn't locked in a released date, but they told us to look forward to playing 'Sons of Trigon' this fall.


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