'EverQuest Next' Screens Showcase Norrath Reimagined

By: Miguel Concepcion


Along with a world reborn, we have 'EverQuest Next' screenshots and images! This new take on Norrath is well beyond a mere "EverQuest HD". Its multilayered environments and variety of enemy sizes give 'EverQuest Next' a visual level of depth that would have been hard to pull off nine years ago with 'EverQuest 2'.

These initial images offer a sample on the direction SoE is taking, with day/night cycle-influenced lighting and imaginative character designs. Notice the overhead camera angles in a couple of the screenshots; expect some vertical adventures in 'EverQuest Next'.

Human wizard and Kerran warrior break through cavern floor to a magma chamber below them

Tons more images after the jump!

Human wizard in Ashfang Iron Golem approaching a fortress Iron Golem in a magma chamber Kerra warrior in a subterranean crystal cave Kerran warrior roars in Ashfang MagmaChamber map_continent_200dpi Void Goliath and human wizard in a subterranean magma chamber Void Goliath in Feerrott jungle Void Goliath on a ruined altar Warrior and Wizard looking down at Void Goliath in a cavern below Wizard and Earth Elemental face off in underground crystal chambercanyon2 Earth Elemental in underground crystal chamber Feerrott ruins 1 Wizard in a magma chamber

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