Konami Wants To Know If You'd Like A 'Metal Gear Rising 2'


Konami might be doing a sequel to "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance," but they need to ask you a few things first.

If you head over to the official Metal Gear Solid website, you'll find a link to the survey that asks a ton of questions about what you thought about the first MGR and what you'd like to see in a second one.

The line of questioning is beyond extensive; you've got stuff that's par for the course in any game survey, like if you're familiar with the franchise and where you picked up a copy.

But you're also asked if you nabbed the special edition or not, what you think of the various promotional art that accompanied its release, and many other bits of minute.

For example, the survey asks if any or all the following reasons had any influence in purchasing the game:

  • Because of the intricate and interesting story
  • It’s a game with a cool atmosphere
  • I like the games produced by Kojima Productions
  • I like action games
  • It has powerful in-game movies and graphics
  • The bonus features were attractive
  • Friends and people I know gave the game a high rating
  • I saw the game in advertisements and I thought it looked good
  • I saw the game in a magazine article and I thought it looked good
  • I like Konami
  • Because the trial version was good
  • I like the characters and the world of Metal Gear
  • It's a game that people have been talking about recently around me and online
  • The game seemed to be selling well at stores
  • It looked interesting
  • Metal Gear is my favourite game series
  • I read the back of the cover and it looked good
  • The "cut anything" gameplay system is new and unique
  • Because the game's reviews online are high
  • There were no other new games I wanted to play
  • Because I could afford it
  • Because there are a lot of extra tasks I need to do to achieve 100% completion
  • Because Raiden/Jack is the main character
  • I like Platinum Games Inc.
  • Friends and people I know bought the game
  • It is a game I can enjoy by myself
  • I saw the game in an article online and I thought it looked good
  • Other

And when asked what you'd like in the sequel, you can choose any of the following:

  • Online multiplay
  • Want to cut more in the game
  • Story of Raiden/Jack after the first game (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance)
  • Fierce battle with enemies
  • Story of Raiden/Jack before Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
  • Story of a character other than Raiden/Jack
  • Element of "Metal Gear Solid"
  • Elements other than fighting
  • Element of humour in the story
  • Want enemies to be cyborg rather than human
  • Want enemies to be human rather than cyborgs
  • Fight with Various types of mechanical characters/machines
  • Longer total playing time
  • Element of romance in the story
  • Element of military in the story
  • Element of mystery in the story
  • Element of science fiction in the story
  • More stealth elements
  • Want the characters in the first game (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance) to appear again
  • Element of human drama in the story
  • Other

The survey says that it'll take about 20 minutes to complete, and indeed it will. Which is basically the average length of a Metal Gear Solid cut scene, so it's not so bad in the end.

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