'Killer Is Dead' Contains A Taste Of 'Lollipop Chainsaw'


The latest from Japan's preeminent gonzo game maker, Suda 51, is almost upon us. "Killer Is Dead" arrives in America this month, on the 27th, though back in its native homeland, the game just came out.

And in Japan, a brand new launch trailer has also just been released. One that offers more than simply a bite sized taste of the game; weighing in at over eight minutes, a lot of ground is covered.

Some might say too much. Destructoid was one of the first major outlets to publicly state that "enough is enough", that showing too much of the good might result in zero surprises.

So the following should be approached with caution, though diehard Grasshopper Manufacture might at the very least fast forward to the 7:02 mark:

Yup, Juliet Starling, star of Suda's previous game, Lollipop Chainsaw, makes a guest appearance. Or something.

Again via Destructoid, she's apparently hidden away somewhere and must be unlocked. Those that do can center some kind of raffle and win prizes. Naturally this is for Japan only, at least at the moment. Who knows if something similar will happen here in America.

Though it's a safe bet that whatever prizes may end up being pre-order bonuses in the States. At any rate, this is good news for fans of Lollipop Chainsaw, which was a hit among Grasshopper fanboys and girls, but not so much at the cash register.

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